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vip card

Get paid when you buy Tasslock Products.

earn unlimited money

how to use vip customer card

  • Step 1

1st Customer will get 10 free vip cards. Each card real value is 300 taka. 100 tk discount and 200 taka cash back.

  • step 2

Behind the vip card write your bkash or rocket number and complete the blanks. After than give 1 card to 1 friend.

  • step 3

Give all 10 cards your friends or anyone you know. You can give 1 card to 1 person.

  • step 4

When your friend go to any dealer point to install device, he will get instant 100 taka discount and he will get another 10 vip card. You will get 200 taka bkash/rocket within 30 minutes.

  • step 5

This is rolling circle system. Each card you give your friend, when your friend come to install device you will get 200 tk and your friend will get 100 tk discount.

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VIP Customer Card
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