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This WATERPROOF, Shock & Vibration Resistant, Lightweight (LESS THAN 1 POUND), compact charger is designed for either portable operation or permanent mounting. Charges and maintains flooded, sealed, maintenance free, AGM, and lead acid batteries. The Float/Maintenance function maintains batteries at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. The Power Tender PLUS is easy to use, it’s rugged, it’s compact, it’s packed with power, and it’s backed by the reputation of the undisputed battery charger industry leader.

Excellent charger for 12 volt stand-by systems such as generator sets, RV storage, etc. Each charger comes with one fused quick disconnect ring set.


  • Shock & Vibration Resistant
  • Lightweight – LESS THAN 1 POUND!
  • Microprocessor Controlled Technology
  • Charges both flooded & sealed maintenance free lead acid batteries.
  • Charges any size (capacity) lead acid battery.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection (VIA EXTERNAL IN-LINE FUSE).
  • Complete FOUR-Step Charging Program (Initialization, Bulk, Absorption, & Float/Maintenance).

Quickly Charge your CAR in Emergency at your home.

Ac in 240/250 Volt to DC 12 Volt Quick Charging Unit.  5000 mA

Only 1500 TK

Now Only 999 TK

Call Now 01715593468

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Live Book by Radbi Reza

বাংলাদেশে এই প্রথম আসলো ইংলিশ মিডিয়াম Live Book. মাত্র ১৯৯ টাকায় ।

ছোট সোনামনিদেরকে Interactive Learning এর মাধ্যমে খেলতে খেলতে পড়াশোনা করানোর জন্য বাংলাদেশে এই প্রথম আসলো ইংলিশ মিডিয়াম Live Book. মাত্র ১৯৯ টাকায় ।

এই বইটি চালাতে লাগবে শুধু একটা Smart Phone তাহলে্ই বইটি ব্যবহার করা যাবে । বইটি কিনলেই ্ ব্যবহারবিধী পেয়ে যাবেন  বইটির ভেতরের পাতায় । বইটি নিয়ে খেলতে কোন প্রকার Internet সংযোগ লাগবে না ।

“ZOO Adventure ” is an application for pre-school & kindergarten kids to learn English alphabets and associated animals and birds using 4D animations using augmented reality. It is fun for children to learn while playing with Pages and seeing the alphabets and letters to come to life on the mobile devices. Each page, when scanned with mobile app shows 4D, animated alphabet, animals and birds.


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